Rumors Abuzz, Disneyland and Star Wars

I’m not sure whether it was my Facebook feed or Twitter feed, but I stumbled across this gem of an article from MiceAge today. It speaks of the newest news rumors abuzz before this weekend’s D23 event all revolving around one high level topic: Disneyland.

As you all may or may not know, I am a huge Disneyland freak. From my early visits when I was a kid, to today where I’m focused on making Xavier (and now Lexan) as big, if not bigger Disney freaks, I sometimes feel like I live and breathe the Happiest Place on Earth. Does that make me a horrible consumerist, bow down to the mouse, Disney-phile of a dad? Hell yes, and I’ll take that any day.

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Book Three Starts

I’ll admit, I’ve had this idea rolling around in my head for the last few months. I’ve just been too lazy to do anything about it. Not anymore! Not today! Today I will push onward and begin my focus anew of blogging and writing about the shit that happens in my life. It’s not journaling. It’s not a diary. It’s a damn blog about my life, my family and some other things I decide I want to expel on. Do I sound motivated? Cause I feel pretty damn motivated!

Now that that is out of the way, let me explain a little bit about what Book Three is.

So this past summer, after living in Phoenix for the past 6 years (holy crap I did not realize we were there for 6 years – sorry mom), the city where our two sons were born, where we bought our first house, and where Andrea and I really began to focus on our careers, I decided that it was time for a change. Sure, we’ve moved before. Hell, we’ve moved states before, but this move felt especially monumental. The family thing, the job thing, friends; they were all roots we had established that we knew we were going to break. This move felt like a brand new chapter of our life.

So I asked Andrea one night, “So if this is a new chapter, what chapter would you say we’re on?” In my head I had a number I was toying with, but was curious as to what Andrea thought.

“Maybe like 12 or something?”

WTF? Are you joking me? Chapter 12? Have I really had 12 moments of my life, or really our life together, that warrant 12 distinct chapters?

I was clearly underestimating the non-severity of the issue, because in my head, I was thinking we were on chapter three. That is, Life Before Marriage (chapter 1), Life After Marriage (chapter 2), and then Whatever it is We’re Doing Now (chapter 3). After talking for a few minutes, I came to understand Andrea’s chapters being broken down by things such as the purchase of a new house, the birth of Xavier and Lexan, so on and so forth. I mean, sure, I can see that. But for some reason, our upcoming move felt like something bigger. Don’t ask me why.

In the end, we decided that instead of this being Chapter 3 or Chapter 12 of our life together, this was merely the beginning of Book Three. The end of Book Two it turns out was intense. Having our two sons, making a plethora of great friends and memories – the whole thing kind of felt like the end to Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. I suppose we live for cliffhangers and crave uncertainty (does Harry die at the end? Is Snape good?).

Book Three aims to chronologize what exactly that uncertainty is and how or why we decide to tackle it head on. It is the culmination of Andrea and I, but also a device for Xavier and Lexan as they get older. What it looks like in a year or two or five from now, I have no clue. To say I know what our life will look like in five years seems ridiculous though. I’ve got some goals. Our family has some goals. If we reach them, great, but I’m not going to hold the people of my life accountable if we don’t. This is more about our journey together, and less about the destination. To me, in that way of thinking, I hope that I can find the life I’m living right now, to be a lot more enjoyable. That’s the millennial in me talking.

So have fun with it. I know we will. I’ll have Andrea write in here. Heck, I even want Xavier and Lexan to contribute! Maybe we’ll do a video or two, who knows. I guess the point I think I’m trying to get across is that at this time, at this moment in our book, we’ve only just started to figure out who our family really is. Our character development may take a while, especially as we learn the ropes here in San Diego. But I think we’ve got some pretty fun stories lined up in the coming months.

Stay tuned.