Xavier’s Birthday Week

6 years ago, Xavier’s 1st birthday was a crazy bash. Andrea and I went all out on trying to create our very own version of a Korean Doljanchi party complete with Hanbok, Dol towers, picking ceremony and tons more. It was a lot of fun minus the fact that it was 100 degrees out and we had over 30 people crammed inside of a small tent in our backyard.

Ever since, we’ve tried to tone down the birthday parties to a degree where they’re manageable from the planning perspective, but still a ton of fun. With someone like Andrea who loves laminating things and themes, we often forget this rule. The result, we’re left panicking, stressing and rushing right up through the very end of party day. This year was unfortunately no different.

1 Week Before the Party

Andrea and Xavier Tinkerbell10k

We spent the weekend before X’s birthday at our favorite place, Disneyland. The Tinkerbell Half Marathon (and Tinkerbell 10K which Andre ran) coincided with Xavier’s birthday weekend so we decided (about 8 months prior) to spend the two days at the parks. Andrea could do her run, but X could have a little birthday visit where he could pretty much run the show.

Andrea Tinkerbell10k

Now I’m not going to advocate and talk about how cool a RunDisney event is (I’ve already written a post about my Disneyland Half), but combining the run weekend with Xavier’s birthday was a huge success in that we got an awesome pool day at the Disneyland Hotel, but Xavier got to do a few cool new firsts as well:

1. Ride on Indiana Jones (finally tall enough – yay!)

2. Experience the Jedi Training- Trials of the Temple show where he battled the Seventh Sister.

Xavier vs. the Seventh Sister

Although he was a bit uneasy, I think in the end, he had a good time. Throughout the show, I was trying to think back to when I was his age and whether or not I would have been freaked out if I saw Darth Vader as a kid. Did I know it wasn’t real? or was there that inkling sensation in the realm of… “SHIT that is Darth Vader?!

The whole trip was so fun, and I can’t wait to go back. Hint: We’ll be back in September for the Disneyland Half Marathon weekend. Anyone else going to be around?

Disneyland Recovery Week

Monday was terrible. Honestly, with spending all day Sunday in the park and driving back that night, coming to work on Monday was a chore. I know you’ve been there, And sorry if I’m complaining about things I shouldn’t be complaining about, but Disneyland with a 2 year old is freaking hard! If I get around to it, I’ll try to compact my best tips and tricks for experiencing the park with a Tasmanian Devil.

Tuesday, we celebrated Xavier’s real birthday. With a trip to Korean BBQ an ice cream cake and a few gifts, he was completely happy. With the “friends” party coming just a few short days however, Andrea and I began to sweat a little. A party fit for something like 25 friends… it didn’t really sink in until a few days right before.

I have to give it up for Andrea. She’s pretty much able to conceptualize a party from the ground up and then put it together last minute. Granted, its a stressful last minute complete with breakdowns, wrong cake orders, miscommunication and me running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

The Party

Sunday morning, I was left staking our spot at the park, which I was totally okay doing. Let me just say this, having your party at a park can sometimes be annoyingly stressful especially if you have park neighbors claiming areas you thought you were supposed to be in. After arguing over permits, location names and everything else, we finally found our designated area. For me, the added stress of not having things like that clearly labeled made the morning way too difficult.

Once everything was sorted out, the party ended up being a ton of fun.

Xavier and Reef

The “built your own lightsaber” station was a hit along with the Star Wars bounce house. Really, we didn’t plan too many activities outside of just chililng and playing in the park which I think the kids didn’t mind. Too many organized activities can make your party, let alone your planning, a lot more stressful than it has to be. Most of all, Xavier had a ton of fun.

Birthday presents

Plus, look at these presents! Sure, X might only be 6 but the gifts he’s getting today are way more cool than gifts for 3-4 year olds. Sorry if that makes me a bad dad, but it’s true!

With that, the birthday week (and a day) was over. Burnt, a bit sore and tired; again, I have to give it up for Andrea. Without her, we’d probably be doing something a lot less fun. Fortunately, we get to do it all over again this Summer for Lexan’s 2nd birthday. Luckily, we’ll be back up in Birch Bay for the festitivites. We’ll probably just wait until 3 days before and plan it all out then.

Early Morning Writing

After chatting/messaging back and forth with my friend Alison, I’ve decided to try some early morning writing. Hello 5am! As if it wasn’t enough that I thought Lex waking up at 5 was a good idea, now I’m doing too, just so I can do some work? I suppose it’s not fair to call it work though. I’ll be writing.

… and probably primarily in this blog. You know, the blog I hardly ever update? Between the day job, mixed with being a dad, topped off with me just generally liking the feeling of a soft pillow to my face, I’ve really given myself hardly any time to write in Book Three. Hence, early morning writing.

Which now brings me to the question…

Should I Really Be Writing?

Alison asked me to think about the things that I enjoy doing. The things that to some, may feel more like work  but for me, will be something I might do in my time off. Because I want to have an outlet where I can write (aka, the blog)… it seemed kinda natural. Really, it’s matter of creating content behind an idea I have yet to find. I’m okay being very vague about that idea though. Even though to those who might read or stumble across the blog, it may sound like I’m just rambling on and on about small piddly things. Ugh. To you guys, I apologize.

I’m the type of person that cannot invest a lot into things, be it physically and emotionally, until I feel fairly certain that it can survive. Like planting the seeds to our tiny garden earlier this spring, it wasn’t until we saw the seedlings that I knew there was a chance we might be lucky enough to have beans and carrots by the summer. That is unless Xavi picks them all before they get big enough.

Carrots beginning to grow

So yes, maybe my early morning hobby will someday help in my overall blog focus, but until that time comes, I think I’m just going to try and enjoy the experience as a whole. You know, the reason why you do the things you do! I just need to make a habit out of waking up at 5am, along with Lex of course.

What to Write About

My biggest issue now is to not let this exercise turn into a daily journal where I don’t actually end up posting anything; it’s not like I keep things hidden inside a Google Doc or something. Like I had mentioned, to me right now I’ve got a whole bunch of seeds that are bound to do anything. If the peppers take off for some reason, I’ll focus on those just so I can do at least one thing right.

In the past, I’ve written about Disney trips, Disney runs, moving to San Diego and everything else I think is worthy enough to write a few paragraphs about. I guess it makes sense to continue down that path, although I feel a little unorganized with that strategy. I’m the type of person who likes to over prepare for things because I have a perfect image in my head of what I want the end result to be. I’m pretty sure I cannot do that here. Instead, I guess you just get a whole bunch of seedlings.

Grow seedlings, grow!