A Whirlwind Wedding in Virginia

I am always up for an adventure. Whether we’re cruising on a Disney boat, visiting family up in Washington or just exploring a local joint we’ve never tried, getting up and out of the house and doing “stuff” is incredibly important to Andrea and I.

This past weekend, the two of us left the boys with our friend Shela and flew across the country to our cousin Hillary’s wedding in Leesburg, VA. While an amazing trip, it was a short one… all in all, SAN > SFO > IAD and then DCA > DEN > SAN – all in 48 hours. I felt like I was filming an episode “The Layover.”

The trip started Friday night with a flight up to San Francisco and then a red eye over to Washington Dulles arriving at the amazingly blurry hour of 6am. It wouldn’t have been that bad of a flight if it weren’t for the fact that we were flying with about 2 dozen 8th graders who were all enjoying their first few hours without mom or dad’s watchful eye. Lack of sleep due to seat back table shenanigans equates to much needed naps Saturday morning.

Leesburg, Virginia

Seeing Andrea’s family, including her brother Kevin (pictured above) was great. Banding together for lunch on Saturday, we tried the Wine Kitchen in historic downtown Leesburg; a recommendation straight from the bride. It was an amazing little restaurant w/ some awesome wines and crazy good food. Go check them out if you’re ever nearby.

The wedding overlooked a little pond tucked in close to a huge barn right off the Potomac River. The venue was awesome really, even though our allergies took a bit of hit. Hillary and her fiance AJ stole the show but coming in at a close second was the reception. Mingling in and amongst some horse stalls, the vibe of the whole place was killer. Combined w/ some live music, amazing food and beverages, the night was a total success only to be topped off with a dazzling array of lightning bugs buzzing around the fields near the barn. It took a minute for me to realize exactly what I was seeing, but once I did, I had to show everyone. A bit of a difficult task when all that everyone wants to do is dance and have fun. Make sure you stop and enjoy it once in a while!

The weekend came and went all too fast. By Sunday morning, we were back in traveling mode, packing our bags and headed for the airport for the final few legs of back-breaking flights. Xavier and Lexan would be waiting for us at home and we were quite ready to leave. Why do short trips feel so long sometimes?

Where are you guys off to this summer? Any weddings? Andrea and I will be back in wedding form for our friend Kristina’s wedding in July. We get to go home for that one though.

Blog Categories as Writing Barriers

I’ve come to a point in time where I’ve realized I need to reorganize the way this blog categorizes posts. What does this mean? In essence, I want to write about stuff that doesn’t necessarily align to the categories I have today. That doesn’t neglect the fact that I could jerry-rig a nifty tagging or nested category strategy. However, at the end of the day, it all comes down to the fact that I’ve started to figure out a direction for what I want to write more of. Thus, it’s time to tear down and rebuild.

One of the great things about WordPress is that you can organize and customize your navigation based off a number things including pages and categories. On top of that, many themes use drop downs within these elements to help identify child categories. As I’ve written (in a non-frequent manner) I’ve been letting a lot of my categories go unchanged for months on end. Things I’ve wanted to write about in the past, but haven’t include:

  • Videos
  • Ms. Andrea the Teacher
  • Xavier’s Corner
  • Lexan’s Lab

Yeah, I know that’s mostly topics around my family, but you have to keep in mind, when starting this little blog, I originally wanted Andrea, Xavier and someday Lex to publish their own posts. It was truly going to be our family blog. As Andrea got into her job and new school, we realized there was no real time to write posts. And there was no way I was going to ghost write for her… because I have all the time in the world.

On top of that, some posts that have performed pretty good over the past few months, are things that I could totally write more about, if given the right structure. Things like:

Now I’m not going to create these three categories based off of their one single post. Rather, finding the category that highlights the reason WHY I like those things, or why I think they may do well, will be my overarching strategy. Categories like “Projects” and “Adventures” are broad enough for me to put most of my posts in. While a new category “Digital Marketing” will be a place where I can talk about the stuff I do professionally. I haven’t done that a lot yet, but from a goal perspective, it’s definitely a direction I want to go.

The family will still be here, and I’ll still have my random updates on life. However, instead of the family being merely a “section” of the site, family will really be the overarching theme to the blog itself… without ever really saying it… besides right now.

Maybe identifying these categories as blog writing barriers will help me write more. Figuring out the categories, tags and themes I WANT to write more about will help me get up and hash out a post on a more regular basis. At the end of the day, I’m really just trying to build an environment where I can write about anything I so choose. Telling people about the things I love or care about, in one way or another, will maybe help me inch just a little bit closer to being someone who loves WRITING about the things I love or care about.