A Summer Update

Having been more than two months since I last wrote a post, and with school starting for both Xavier and Andrea, I thought I might as well try and do a bit more writing. After promising myself, and any of you readers out there that I’d write more, I can safely say I’ve failed in that endeavor majorly. It’s been a whirlwind summer, and I’m ready to get back down to business.

Moving Houses in Kensington, San Diego, Part Deux!

While it was just under a year ago that we moved down to Kensington, I’m happy to say we’re moving again. This time, to a house that is a quick 4 minute walk away. Finding a 3rd bedroom after living in two bedrooms for a year was a top priority as we’ve had lots of visitors over the months and are in desperate need of a play area for X and Lex. The house we’re moving into definitely has it. Better yet, it’s on a canyon and has an awesome play area in the back yard! It’s seriously a cool house and we’ll be more than ready to host anyone who wants to come and visit.

So over the next few days, and hopefully not any longer, Andrea and I will be carting our things over to the new digs wagon load by wagon load. Our friends Shela and Danny will be by later on to help move our bigger things, but we’re hopeful that the move isn’t painful. I think we’re a lot more eager to move this time around because of the house itself. Pictures to come 🙂

School Starts

Along with moving houses, Andrea has been busy getting her classroom at San Diego Cooperative Charter School ready for the new year. I feel like every year, she tries to one-up herself in the preparation and decorations department. This year is no different. Between yards and yards of triangle banners, brand new furniture and a new carpet, she seems relatively calm and collected compared to years passed. Maybe it’s the new house that has her focused attention right now.

Xavier on the other hand has been ready for school for a month now. Coming home from Birch Bay after a month up with Grandma and Grandpa was a harsh dose of major boredom induced reality for the kid. The very idea of watching a TV show seemed torturous to him (which I suppose is a good thing). But between meeting up with some old friends, meeting Ms. Lindsey’s new dog, Star, and taking a quick weekend trip back to WA with dad to see Nana and Papa, I’d say he’s had a pretty stellar summer. Now to get him off his Disney Cruise kick.

The End of Summer

All in all, it’s been a pretty crazy summer. From a quick trip out to Phoenix to see some old friends, a month alone while Andrea and the boys enjoyed the Pacific Northwest and the craziness at work, I’m pretty stoked for whatever is in-store for us this fall. I’ll try my best to keep the blog updated as well. That might include a crazy makeover, which it’s due for. Who knows what it’ll be in a few months or a few weeks. Who knows where we’ll be, but we’ll hopefully be enjoying it to the fullest.

Last hint – Aloha!

P.S. I learned how to make balloon animals (and necklaces)!