Blogging as a Hobby

I often find myself at a loss for words when someone asks me what my hobbies are. You know, you’re meeting some friends of a friend and you’re at a bar and someone’s like “So what do you like to do outside of work?” Ugh… My go to hobby usually includes music, you know, like listening to music. No actually, I’ll say music with the intention that the person knows or can figure out that I like to play the piano. The thing is I touch the piano today just about as much as I touch a fresh kale salad. I’m sorry, but I do not have an ongoing moonlighting piano gig every Thursday night. Although I have to admit, that sounds awesome to me right now. Honestly though, beyond music, it’s pretty much just me being a dad, and of course, work. Those aren’t hobbies. So I have to ask myself, “do I need to find a hobby?”

For some reason, today at work, I decided that putting together model airplanes would be fun. WTF? Where does that idea come from? Let alone at work, in between meetings? Second of all, it’s building fucking model airplanes. The only thing I could think about for about an hour was if I should buy an airbrush for painting. My gut reaction was, “It’s a model airplane! Of course you need an airbrush.” Three hours later and I was able to muddle my way out of wanting to build a model airplane.

Still, this hobby thing was bugging me. The idea of working alone in my garage with a piece of plastic reminiscent of a B-17 Flying Fortress was intriguing. Really, projects like that could be practice for starting AND finishing things; something I’m notoriously bad at. I guess the one caveat to model plane building would be the lack of creativity beyond crazy airbrush painting skills. I need creativity.

Blogging as a hobby has always kind of lingered in the back of my mind as what it is I should be doing. I’ve always liked the idea of blogging, I just have never thought of it in the same light as say building model airplanes. Maybe it’s because I deal with them so much at work. Blogs have always been a massive part of complex content strategies, lead generation strategies, brand awareness strategies, or whatever. I’ve talked to companies on how voice in writing is important, internal linking and SEO is important, content calendars, social promotion, etc. etc. they’re all important. Maybe I just need someone to tell me how to shift that mindset and make the blogging process seem more pleasurable, instead of it being work. I’m trying to tell that to myself right now people.

As I have mentioned before, I have no agenda with my blog. No goal is to get people to read my posts, no crazy desire of making any money. I just feel that having an outlet to write and post things should always be open to me, for the sole purpose of it being fun. Maybe that’s my short term goal. Maybe that is the kick in the pants I need to do it more. Have more fun. It’s not like people would have wanted to wait in lines wanting to buy my latest model airplane. Although, if I could sell them for the amount of money I make now, I’d probably do it.

My blogging hobby is pretty laid back. You probably shouldn’t assume there’ll be ongoing regular posts, there won’t be. Also, I’ll probably shift topics from time to time. Maybe not the best overall content strategy I can have, but eh. The biggest thing will probably be my family. For me, that’s the most important part of my life. I think the idea of being able to share that idea through some kind of hobby is what will make it all work. I hope to have a lot of stories to tell in future ahead. Maybe I’ll blog about them.