Building the Lego Disney Magic Cruise Ship

So yesterday, someone over on Instagram spotted my little Lego Disney Magic I had created over a year ago. Originally, I thought it would’ve been an awesome Fish Extender idea. Instead, we decided to do something different once we realized that the hundred+ pieces (I’d have to have enough to build about 25 of these) wouldn’t arrive in time for our embarkation. Oh well. Might as well put it together any way, right?

Well, because we didn’t use the idea, I never created directions on how to build the model. While I admit it’s a pretty simple model, creating and giving away the directions was going to be half the fun. So with that said, and in a response to an Instagram users who wanted to use the model as a cruise reveal (awesome idea by the way), here are the directions on how to create the Lego Disney Magic (small scale).

Lego Disney Magic (small scale)

Here is a small Lego Disney Magic cruise ship that you can build with a few parts. If you don’t have these parts laying around in and amongst all your Lego sets, check out the Lego Pick a Brick store where you can get individual pieces. In total, with shipping and taxes, one model cost me about $22.


Description Qty Color Where it Goes
Brick 2×4
Detail ID: 3001
1 White Main Section
Brick 2×8
Detail ID: 93888
6 Black Bottom Section
Brick 2×6
Detail ID: 44237
2 Black Bottom Section
Round Plate 1×1
Detail ID: 6141
20 Yellow Life Boats
Plate 2×10
Detail ID: 3832
5 White Main Section
Roof Tile 2×2/45 Deg. Inv
Detail ID: 3660
4 Black Bottom Section
Roof Tile 2×2/45 Deg. Inv
Detail ID: 3660
2 White Front Main Section
Roof Tile 2×3/25 Deg.
Detail ID: 3298
6 White Main Section
Roof Tile 2×2/45 Deg.
Detail ID: 3039
1 Black “Duck Tail”
Plate 2×8
Detail ID: 3034
2 Red Bottom / Keel
Plate 4×6 3 Yellow Yellow Mid-Section
Brick 2×8
Detail ID: 93888
2 White Main Section
*Brick 16 W.Cross
Detail ID: 6143
*2 *Red *Stack

IMPORTANT! – *After trying to come back and build my part list, I found that these pieces weren’t available in the Pick a Brick store. I’m not sure if I’m just not seeing them or they are just not available anymore. Any ways, you can get around this by getting the following pieces: 6 Red 2×2 Plates, Detail ID: 4032. In the last step (below) instead of adding the two single piece stacks, put three of the plates together to create 1 stack. A total of 6 plates will create the two stacks shown.

In total there should be 56 pieces.

Putting it Together

Once you’ve got all the pieces together, building the model is pretty easy. While I’m no Lego engineer and don’t have the Lego Digital Designer tool handy, I put a few pictures up on how to build the ship. It’s a little tricky, but once you figure the flow out, putting it together should be pretty easy.

Step 1. Laying the keel.

1st step lego disney magic

2nd step lego disney magic

Step 2. Use the black pieces (shown above) to build the first layer of the hull. Remember, this layer uses the ‘Duck Tail’ on the very back.

3rd step lego disney magic

Step 3. Build the 2nd layer of the black hull.

4th step lego disney magic

Step 4. Make the “Gold Ring”

5th step lego disney magic

Step 5. Using the white pieces (above), build the 1st layer of the main body. You’ll use two 2×10 white plates in the middle which will house the lifeboat area.

6th step lego disney magic

Step 6. Add the lifeboats along the side and another 2×10 white plate in the middle.

7th step lego disney magic

Step 7. Finish the lifeboat section with the remaining 2×10 white plates.

8th step lego disney magic

Step 8. Finish the remaining ‘upper’ body section using the white pieces (above).

9th step lego disney magic

Step 9. Adding the 2 red stacks. Remember, if you can’t get the pieces (shown above) you can use the 6 plates to create the same effect.

last step lego disney magic

And that’s it!

It’s a small little guy, and nothing compared to this dude’s Disney Cruise ship, but it could be a nice little addition to your desk or even be a Fish Extender gift… or in the case of the Instagram user who inspired this post.. a Disney Cruise reveal!? If you want your kids to put the model together without giving it away first, I’ve made some PDF instructions you can print out and use instead.

Printable Directions: Lego Disney Magic – No Spoilers – Directions