Kensington Bound

Earlier this year, we made up our minds to pack up all our stuff, load a big truck and move out to California. Well, jump forward a few months, and we’ve done it again. This last weekend, we packed all of our stuff, again, and moved; only this time, we decided to stay in the same county.

Living in San Marcos, CA (actually we were living up in the San Elijo Hills area) has been pretty decent. Besides the one incident on our move-in date where our next door neighbor decided to chastise us for having our moving truck park in the parking lot, everything has been really good. Xavier met some good friends, and our neighbors ended up being very nice. Our only big issue with living so far north, the commutes. Although my drive to work and back was about 30 to 45 minutes each way, Andrea’s drive back could take upwards of up to hour and 45 minutes. I suppose that’s a far cry from the 50 lane, 5 day traffic jam in Beijing that’s made the news last week. Can we just say how mind-blowingly horrible that sounds?

So with four months complete of our 12 month lease, we decided to call it quits. After giving notice to our landlord, we found a nice little house in Kensington, a small little neighborhood in the San Diego Mid-City area. Actually, the place reminds me a lot of the historic districts back in Phoenix.

So on Saturday, we packed everything up and moved. Literally, it was Saturday. Although Andrea took a few boxes that were in the garage beforehand, we hadn’t packed a single box before Saturday morning.

4 hours later – Andrea and I are standing in our new 2-bedroom 2 bath house perplexed at how smooth (and quick) the whole thing had gone. Let me just say, I will never, ever try and move by myself again. You know that little checkbox you click saying you don’t want to see local movers who can help load or unload on the U-Haul website, leave that shit alone! In terms of time and money, it’s worth it.

So, The New House

We looked at 3 or 4 houses around the area that seemed okay, but definitely were not as nice as the house we found. Street wise, Kensington is the perfect place for dog walks, bike rides with Xavier and even jaunts to some pretty cool looking restaurants. We can walk to bars (and restaurants), WTF?

The house itself is definitely on the older side. No dish washer, some faulty drains, a leaky irrigation system and no AC, but the bones and overall look and feel of the place are awesome. Totally refinished wood floors, fenced in backyard for Ginny, we’re ready to call this place home; at least for a year or two. Did I mention Xavier and Lexan are sharing a bedroom?

To old houses!