Our Disney Cruise (Copenhagen)

Earlier this summer, Andrea, the boys and I ventured off to Europe with my family for a cruise through the Scandinavian waterways. Departing from Copenhagen, we hit a few ports in Norway, sailed up to Reykjavik and Akureri, Iceland, came back down to Kirkwall, Scotland and finished up in Dover, England. Along the way, we made ourselves right at home onboard the Disney Magic.

Let me just say that traveling with kids is an amazing adventure. Sure, it has its difficulties. From the crying, unique and often vocally expressed appetite preferences, varying degrees of boredom and excitement as well as overall exhaustion, kids still are able to make any trip unique. Whether that uniqueness is relaxing or not I guess is up to you and where you decide to go. Cruising in Europe… not as relaxing.

Xavier helping Lex up the escalator

Xavier was more than eager to help us on our ‘travel’ days. Lexan illegally found his way on to this airport escalator.

Lexan flying

Lexan’s flight strategy melded well for mom and dad.

Family arriving in Copenhagen

Hi! We’ve arrived in Copenhagen, tired and stiff yet ready to go in our second wind of travel exuberance.

Thanks to Jennifer, my sister-in-law, we found The Square; a great hotel right in the middle of Copenhagen.

Copenhagen milk for Lexan

It also happens to be close to a 7-11 where we could get Lexan some European milk. Mmm, creamy.

Our first stop was in Copenhagen. While we had a few free days here, the family was focused primarily on getting over our jet lag. Xavier and Lexan both did relatively well on the flights over as they were able to get a little bit of sleep. We flew with Icelandair by way of Reykjavik. In hindsight, probably the best decision we made travel wise.

One of the first things we noticed were these rowdy bunches of kids who, as we came to find out, just graduated from high school. The thing to do in Denmark after you graduate… get into large military trucks and drink like crazy while your driver takes you around the city. We heard these guys yelling and screaming all weekend long right up through the early hours or the morning. I’ll admit, it’s probably a pretty good time.

These guys and gals danced in the water fountain while everyone and their dog got their camera phones out and watched them have a ton of fun.

While it stayed relatively gray over the 2 days we were there, we were able to enjoy a little tour, and visited the famous Tivoli Gardens. One well known fact that everybody likes to tell you as you walk in is that Walt Disney found inspiration for Disneyland at this park. The more you know, right?

The park was actually pretty fun. We all got our fill of some carnival rides as well as some larger, more intense attractions which, to say the least, took our breath away. Although there were no shows during our quick visit, the park also hosts musicians during their summer concert series. All in all, Tivoli Gardens proved to us to be a definite stop in Copenhagen, especially when you’ve got the whole family.

Manual brakes at Tivoli Garden

Our roller coaster driver is in chage of braking. I felt slightly nervous by that fact.

The swings at Tivoli Garden

The swings… highest I’ve ever been on.

Driving around in the Tivoli Garden boats

Megan took Xavier on these boats where you actually get to drive them around.

Massive cotton candy at Tivoli Garden

The cotton candy was huge. Everyone managed to finish theirs, surprisingly.

Andrea and I found the beer garden

Andrea and I found some beer.

While we only had about a day and a half, we also took a walking tour through the city lead by none other than Hans Christian Anderson (or a guy dressed up as him). For about 2 hours, we walked the streets, found a really cool park and gazed up at some of Copenhagen’s oldest most interesting buildings. Mixed in with the history and socialistic culture of Denmark, Hans also treated us to shots of Jägermeister and coca cola. Skål! – pronounced, skoal. Why are so many tobacco products associated with Danish things?

Touring Copenhagen, Denmark

Sorry I’m bad at remembering the names or functions of buildings… but here is Andrea and Lex!

Danish Jewish Museum

Actually, I think this was taken at the Danish Jewish Museum.

Lexan loves the Danish frankfurters

One thing that we noticed and something I took an exceptional liking to, the Scandinavian fondness of tubular meats.

Waffles in Denmark

Andrea found a nice little waffle joint which ended up paring nicely with our frankfurters.

The very next day, we were off to embark on our Disney Cruise. Copenhagen started our vacation off to a great start but we were definitely excited to see some more cities and ports; as well as board our favorite ship, the Disney Magic.

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