That Time I Knitted a Headband for Andrea

It’s been almost a month since Christmas, and while I love the holiday season, getting a fresh start come January 1st is always a breath of fresh air. In an earlier post, I mentioned a quasi New Years resolution which I’ve set up for myself, but the other big thing I want to do more of this year revolves around hobbies. Whether that means I’m calling on my inner Bob Ross and painting some happy trees and clouds, learning to play the ukulele (which I totally plan on doing) or finally learning how to surf, my goal is to do as much as possible.

This goal of mine was spurred right before Christmas when I decided to knit a headband for Andrea. As kind of an extra artsy gift, I thought she’d appreciate my craftsmanship. Plus, since I had a weekend to myself without any interruptions, I thought I could probably get it done. So started my YouTube search…

This girl’s video was pretty much my go-to resource for making the headband.

After watching it all the way through one time, I went out to Michaels and got my knitting supplies… which by the way is an absolutely terrible idea a week before Christmas. Really, any kind of shopping is a terrible idea a week before Christmas.

Knitting the Headband

Now I’ve had a tiny amount of knitting experience thanks to my sister and my mother-in-law, but it’s never been anything more than: casting on, knit stitch and purl stitch. Never have I tried to make an actual ‘thing‘ before. Long story short, I spent pretty much all day Saturday re-learning how to knit. Granted, I got pretty far into the pattern, but then I’d make a mistake and wouldn’t know how to fix it. I essentially started over 4 or 5 times. Can I just tell you how much I appreciate the convenience of Undo, Cut and Paste?

knitting video

I ended up starting over once again Sunday morning and was finally confident enough to just finish the damn pattern. Sure, I made a couple of mistakes, but somehow got better at fixing my miss-stitches. By the time I was half-way through the pattern, it was late enough for me to not even want to consider starting over. I wasn’t going to finish in time if that had been the case.

By the late afternoon, I had gotten through the cabling section and was home free as far as stitching was concerned. Finishing the pattern was a little nerve-wracking since I was completely guessing at how big I needed to make the headband. Luckily, I knew that if it was tight on my head, it’d probably be okay for Andrea’s.

My completed headband –
knitted headband
I know it’s not a work of art, but for my very first ever project, I’m happy with it. Plus, all of those terrible mis-stitches get kinda lost once you put it on.
Opening her gift on Christmas was kind of fun in the sense that she wasn’t expecting a headband (of all things) and couldn’t believe I had even made it. I think she was pleasantly surprised. While I don’t see her wearing it all that often now that we’re back down in San Diego, I think the project as a whole has reignited a desire to do new things. Sure, we can call them hobbies, some of which could one day be passions, but taking the time to learn something new is a trait I want X and Lex to admire. Not necessarily in me, but in life in general. “Never stop learning!” Right?

Go try something new this year! You know I will be.