Throwback Post on Millennials

Have you ever taken the time to go back and look through your old photos? I’m not talking about #tbt style with Facebook photos or Instagram or whatever… I mean photos you took but never did anything with. You might find stuff that is hilarious and insightful or you might find something horrible.

Today, with the aid of the trusty Wayback Machine, I was able to pull up some old blog posts from Don’t bother trying to go there – I turned off the site a few years ago. But while a large majority of my final  posts were inwardly focused, in an annoying way I might add, this one struck a chord for some reason.


Millennials and the Issue of NOW

After a meeting yesterday with some interesting intellectuals, the topic of Millennials (you know that buzz word) came up. Although the the actual topic doesn’t necessarily figure 100% into the millennial mindset, it does have a major influence on almost everyone today. I’m talking about the issue of Immediate Impact.

Think of Environmentalism, Volunteerism, etc. The thing people today want to see a lot of is impact. “Impact Change!” I’m not quite sure what has brought this on, but people aren’t really motivated to stay at a job for 40 years, get a decent retirement, and then retire as a 100% consumer in today’s world. Millennials, and everyone else today, want to see how they can impact their community, their world, and their future… why do you think the environment is so important? Its about not screwing it up for ourselves later! That’s a whole different issue though.

The issue of ‘Change Now’ is a mindset that many people feel today, and why shouldn’t they? From entrepreneurs to religious missionaries or green buffs, people desire the knowledge and satisfaction that comes with doing something that they believe in. There may be monetary benefits, health benefits, or whatever, but still, it is the drug for self empowerment. I can totally understand this as I am constantly in search for something where I can be a part of the change. That is why I try to write in this blog! It might not be the end-result, but maybe it can one day chronicalize my search… and when it is found.. will be kind of hilarious to read.

Do you feel like you need to do something where you can understand, see, or feel the impact ASAP? Maybe this is why entrepreneurs have such a hard time staying still. There is always something better and more exciting just around the corner right? – September 2 , 2010 – See the original Wayback Machine cache for this page


Some background – I was working at Sitewire at the time, so that makes a bit of sense with the subject matter. Also, I think I was at a point in my life where I was trying to weigh the pros and cons of doing things for money (like work) vs. doing things for… well, the hell of it. Xavier was only 4 months old, so I was at a prime stage in contemplating the importance of life beyond myself. Marriage doesn’t quite get you there. It gets you close, but yeah.

The whole perspective on millennials and the issue of NOW is a little confusing though. Maybe that was my angle. A way to get to the point that I, myself want to do something that serves to produce an impact now. Like I had mentioned, I was pretty introspective during this time… much like how I am now. Ironic? No, not at all. I think I’m just using these blogs as a way to figure stuff out.